Save The Earth From Your Office

You can recycle your ink cartridges through Office Depot/Office Max. The only thing is, is that you have to have or be a business to be able to print your label. So, here’s the deal…give me your ink cartridges and I’ll use my business name and recycle them!!! I can only send it when IContinue reading “Save The Earth From Your Office”

Recycle & Reuse Items In Your Rooms!

First thing on the agenda, recycle those mascara wands to save the wildlife! Your old mascara wands can be used to remove fly eggs and larva from the fur and feathers of wild animals. They ask that you wash wands in warm soapy water to remove residue before shipping them and only ship in OctoberContinue reading “Recycle & Reuse Items In Your Rooms!”

Recycling in my home town, Yakima.

I’m going to try to make a big fat list of places to recycle and not just paper and cardboard. Nobody takes plastic anymore which sucks coconuts, but we can still try to do what we can to reduce waste! This newspaper bin is in the Yakima Battery parking lot off of Fruitvale DLC RecyclingContinue reading “Recycling in my home town, Yakima.”

Go Green Starting With Your Kitchen

Go green, reuse, try not to buy as much plastic, save the environment, and your wallet! Green is my favorite color! I’m on a mission to get rid of most, if not all things plastic in my house. It’s a hassle to reuse and wash rags, towels, etc., but it’s worth it to save theContinue reading “Go Green Starting With Your Kitchen”

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